Letter to Editor

To the Editor,

Just when I thought the National Party had lost the plot they seem to be determined to take dysfunctional to a new level.

I believe that Niall Blair has no idea how to sort the Murray Darling and Local Land Services mess.

Paul Toole may be able to help, he is now the Minister for Lands and refuses to rule out selling Crown Land.

That would surely solve the stock route problem. Remember Minister Toole promised no forced amalgamations, next election promised nothing, seems to have contracted a very serious case of "Yes Minister" disease and now has no idea what promise means. 

Minister Gabrielle Upton allegedly refuses to rule out future forced amalgamations, it is a knotty one, not even Sportsbet runs odds on Nationals/Liberals consulting constituents.

In my opinion Troy Grant has little credibility and lost the leadership after the greyhound debacle. 

Katrina Hodgkinson and Adrian Piccoli have resigned mid term. 

Neither seem to care about the cost of a by-election, which will be borne  by - you guessed it - taxpayers.

John Niven



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