Grenfell branch of Royal Far West

Royal Far West Grenfell Branch held their AGM on September 6, 2017. President Margaret welcomed seven members and guests.  Six apologies were accepted.

After the minutes and the financial report Margaret presented her presidents report. Glenice Clarke moved the adoption of the reports and congratulated the committee and members for their dedication to help the country children receive the best medical treatment. Vice president Marie thanked Glenice with a token of appreciation. All positions were then declared vacant. Glenice took the chair for the elections.

Patron ~ Marl Reeves.  President/Publicity ~ Margaret Cuddihy.  Vice President/ Secretary ~ Marie Cotter.  Treasurer ~ Jennifer Wells. 

The lucky door prize went to Vicki Reid. The raffle was won by Marie Cotter. To the members who re-elected me as president for another year; thank you, with your ongoing support and I know we will have another successful year of fund raising for RFW.

Margaret Cuddihy – Grenfell Branch President.

Royal Far West

Presidents Report 2017

Our members are dedicated to giving all country children, the best health treatments they can’t access from their own areas.  Today I am pleased to present my 2017 report. In October, myself, and Grenfell’s treasurer Jenny Wells attended Annual Conference, at Manly.  The latest programs for our country children were discussed at the working sessions.  The main topic was how to treat more country kids who need RFW services.  Telecare is delivering this to children after initial consultation, without the trauma of family disruption, travel, and expense.  Specialists and educators can assess children and provide the appropriate services or refer on for further consultations.  Windmill is another program that starts on site in Manly and continues at home with local health and educators, meaning fewer trips back to Manly for checks and updates. On behalf of the branch, I read a report of our fund raising activities, and announced Grenfell’s annual donation was $9,200.00.

How we raised funds this year: Grenfell branch celebrated its “80th Birthday” with a fundraising party.  In attendance was chairman of the board of Royal Far West Richard Baron and his wife Rennie, also events manager Sophia Maseur, they travelled from Manly to help us celebrate.  After his address Richard presented Marie Cotter with a certificate and badge for life membership of Grenfell branch of RFW.  Due to other functions in town attendance was well down, but was still profitable, as prizes, raffles and food were all donated by our generous members.  Tarlia and Natalie Cotter were a great help on the day, thank you girls. 

Two Successful “Street Stalls” with donations of cooking, and goods from our hard working members.  Our “Christmas in July” was held at the Country Club, many thanks to the club and members who allowed us to use their venue.  Forty four were in attendance with everyone receiving a lucky door prize, all prizes were donated and festively wrapped by our members.  The “Holiday at Manly Beach” was drawn that afternoon by Caroline Stewart from head office, who travelled with her partner from Manly to support us on the day.  Winner of this very popular raffle donated by Royal Far West was Joan Eppelstun.  Marie Cotter suggested a stall of new, near new clothes and quality goods on the day, this was held and proved to be a money spinner. The “Fortnightly Pub Raffles” at the Royal Hotel are our bread and butter funds.  Publican Liz Smith contributes very generously towards the prizes, thank you Liz, your ongoing support is appreciated by all of us and the country kids who benefit from the funds we raise.  Volunteers Sylvia Petersons and Gary Halloran conduct the raffle for Royal Far West when I can not be there, also fold tickets and deal with prizes etc every fortnight, they are really appreciated and given my sincere thanks.  In August our Patroness Myrl Reeves had her 90th birthday, and was presented with life membership of Grenfell branch of Royal Far West, by myself, Jenny and Marie the day before her big event. 

My sincere thanks, go to Marie Cotter my Vice President/Secretary for her donations of cooking and prizes.  Marie supports all our functions with enthusiasm. Jennifer Wells, the Treasurer, who keeps our money and accounts in order, sells tickets, organizes and cooks for our street stalls. To all our members who are the backbone of our organisation, Marie C, Jenny, Marie Y, Marie K, Myrl and Margaret, they give so much of their time, to sell tickets, man stalls, provide cooking and donate goods for our fund raisers. To Ngaire Soley, the Grenfell Record and Neil Langford at 2LF, for our complimentary publicity.

Last but certainly not least thank you to the community of Grenfell, who never fail to support our unique cause. I know the incoming executive will have the support of the members that I have always received.

Margaret Cuddihy – Grenfell Branch President.