Bird survey at Company Dam

An invitation is extended to members of the community who are interested in bird watching and exploring local plants and wildlife are welcome to join a group of birdwatchers at Company Dam on Sunday September 17 for a guided walk to help you identify birds in your area.

Mikla Lewis will be showcasing interesting native plants. The group will meet at 8.30 am at the Company Dam.

The session is scheduled to finish by about 11 am. Please bring your binoculars, sturdy shoes, a hat, water and a snack.

Bird watchers from Sydney and Canberra will be visiting Grenfell to carry out their twelfth bird survey.

Local groups have been carrying out bird surveys every six months since 2011 within the Weddin Shire.

During this session the group will survey at 31 sites around Grenfell.

About a third of the sites are on private properties with the remainder in state forests or along roadsides.

The focus will be particularly on Superb Parrots, Diamond Firetails, Swift Parrots and Painted Honeyeaters but we record all birds seen at each site.

The surveys are contributing information on the status of birds in the South West Slopes Key Biodiversity Area to the BirdLife Australia Atlas of Australian birds.

For more information please contact Mikla Lewis on 0499 199 016.

Bird watching at Company Dam in March 2017.

Bird watching at Company Dam in March 2017.