Quandialla District Scholarship Committee

Alex Penfold.

Alex Penfold.

Congratulations to the following recipients who were awarded Scholarships for 2017:

Tiffany Penfold – Year 10: Tiffany is currently in Year 11 at Hennessy Catholic School, Young.  Tiffany is looking at entering a course in the Medical field at this point.

Bridgette Penfold – University Scholarship (No. 1 – first year of study): Bridgette is currently in her second semester – first year at University of Canberra.  Bridgette is undertaking a double degree in Law and Arts.

Alex Penfold – University Scholarship (No. 2 - second or further year of study): Alex is currently in his final semester of a four year course for Occupational Therapy.  Alex is at Charles Sturt University – Albury. 

Tiffany, Bridgette and Alex are all worthy recipients of the Quandialla District Scholarships and the committee is proud to support them as they continue their studies. The Committee is also grateful for the continued support to our students by Evolution (Cowal) Ltd, CTW, Quandialla Public School and Delta Agribusiness. 

For further information please contact Secretary, Narelle Gault on 6347 1294 a.h.