I wish to take this opportunity to thank all who made my 70th birthday such a smashing success. Also to the Record photographer who came back a second time as I was not ready when she arrived, this was much appreciated. Although things hadn’t gone exactly to plan, by not being ready on time, as the guests arrived they were quickly put to work. The ‘One Man’ show went off brilliantly, however some of the younger women thought that the invitation referred to a male stripper! It was all a big laugh. The ‘Sing along’ was great, thanks to the wonderful piano tuner, Graham Baker, who at one glance at the piano (which was last tuned in 1942) solemnly stated “It’s a tip job”  a prompt reply by Tess was “That’s where it came from”. I in turn assured him that with his qualifications he could work wonders, as my father who hadn’t had a music lesson in his life but was talented in playing many instruments and who in turn taught me, could tune my old wooden frame piano with a pair of pliers. Every one enjoyed dipping into the wishing well and scoring a gift as a memento. Stephen’s (my wonderful step-son) Tardis (his caravan) looked like the IGA liquor barn, as my dear guests each gave me a bottle or two including a huge bottle of Irish Whisky, and other beautiful gifts, which I will always treasure. My cake was made out of cup cakes laid out to make the 70 with tea light candles depicting 1947 displayed beneath. Over all there were 30 or so guests and the event was held in the artistic back yard garden of our wonderful host Tess and with the help of the guys, chairs and other commodities were arrayed, as well as ensuring that 3 outdoor fireplaces were kept lit. Thanks to our chef Ken Harris, Sylvia Petersens for ironing, washing up and other chores. To Stien for cooking and washing linen, Marie Edwards for last minute jobs, Neroli Donnellan for the lovely cakes, Donna and John Nelson for invitations, Jesse Jenkin Friend for computer and paper work, Kylie McAway for potato bake, Tracey Miller and Bec for their coleslaw and bake, Jeff Windred for the transporting of equipment,  Andrew at the local ‘Refuse’ who lent us chairs and to Caitlin McAway and Jarrad, for chairs to the Heckenbergs’. Colin for his creative well and Pat for the linen, also to the ‘Awesome Duo’ (Andrew and Stu) who supplied us with live music on drums and guitar after the tape recorder decided to ‘give up the ghost’. Thanks everyone – God Bless – Biruta Swain.