Heritage Corner

The conversation around Heritage in the Shire continues with several topics of investigation currently being carried out.

The news of Council’s success in gaining grant funding for the Medical Centre also allows the further consideration of Historic reference and interpretation panels to the Short Street alignment.

Council’s Heritage Advisor is continuing work on a generic Heritage Booklet for dwelling identification to provide to home owners to help with style identification, as well as the Main Street Building Plaques.

The committee has identified the shortcomings of the current plaques located at Circular Quay, Sydney Writers Walk, with Henry Lawson’s birth place description being “in NSW”.  We are requesting Grenfell be included in the description and lobbying various government bodies for the inclusion.

Good news has been received regarding the ongoing funding for our Heritage Services.  Both the Local Heritage Grant Scheme and Heritage Advisor have been funded for the next 3 years.  Good news for Weddin as we continue to support our focus on Heritage reuse and restoration.

It always important to remember about advice if you are considering work and Weddin’s Heritage Advisor is available for free advice on many aspects of development, from colours to design.

This article is going to provide some food for thought and interesting news in the heritage sphere, historical features and concepts around buildings.

For those who follow contemporary architecture two significant mid-century homes designed by two of Australia’s most influential architects have been added to the State Heritage Register.

“The Glass House in Castlecrag, designed in 1957 by Bill Lucas and his wife, fellow architect Ruth Lucas, and Thurlow House in Blakehurst, designed in 1952 by Harry Seidler AM OBE, will now be preserved and protected under the Heritage Act 1977.

Thurlow House is important in Seidler’s extensive body of work because of its inventive split-level architectural form, its adaptation to its sloping site and its desire to maximise views to the Georges River.

It includes elements such as cantilevered forms and open plan living spaces which later became trademarks of Seidler’s architectural style.

It is the fourth Harry Seidler designed house on the State Heritage Register, joining Rose Seidler House in Wahroonga, the Harry and Penelope Seidler House in Killara and The Igloo House in Mosman.

The Glass House in Castlecrag was recognised for its innovative construction and inspiring design.”

Other additions in the past fortnight to the State Register are:

Old Wentworth Goal, Wentworth

Goldfinders Inn Group, Kurrajong

The Greatest Wonder of the World and American Tobacco Warehouse and Fancy Goods Emporium, Gulgong

Valley Heights Steam Tram Rolling Stock, Valley Heights

Waverley Cemetery

On a local level Iandra Castle opens its doors to the public a number of times throughout the year.

These open days are a great opportunity to explore the homestead and surrounding buildings and gardens. 

Bring your own picnic basket and have lunch on the lawn, under the trees, or on the verandah.

Upcoming ‘Open Days’

Sunday October 1, 2017

Sunday October 8, 2017


Questions of Interest

What is a corbel or corbelling? 

Where did the bungalow style dwelling develop?

What Style of Architecture is the old ANZ Bank Building in Main Street?

Answers in the next issue of Heritage Corner

A group of Grenfell residents on a heritage walk accompainied by Weddin Shire Heritage advisor Sue jackson-Stepowski.

A group of Grenfell residents on a heritage walk accompainied by Weddin Shire Heritage advisor Sue jackson-Stepowski.