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Thursday September 14, 2017 is Australian Reading Hour.

Remember to take an hour out of your day to read to yourself, to your child or pop in and visit your favorite library even if to sit and read the paper.

This week has been quiet on the new items side but there are some great new magazine issues including Science Illustrated, Wheels, Australian Cardmaking, stamping and Papercraft, Vogue, Techlife, Australian Home Beautiful, 4x4 Australia, Marie Claire and Australian House & Garden.

Speaking of magazines, why not pick up a Magazine survey next time that you are in and help decide on the titles that will be either renewed or not and maybe suggest a new title or two.

School holidays are coming up later in the month so keep an eye out for some kids’ activities.

Our book reviewer for this week is JennyG.

JennyG wrote about “Great Australian Mysteries by John Pinkney.”

“Only a small volume that looks larger because of being printed on A5 size paper and thus, containing 335 pages. 

It is a most interesting book recounting twenty-seven selected unsolved events in Australia so far. 

"Selected" because, there are most certainly, more than twenty-seven unsolved events in the two-hundred and twenty-nine years of European settlement of Australia.

It is a book that can be read in two evenings.

It is also a "page-turner" in that each story, be it unsolved or unexplained, or about the unknown is written in an easy flowing manner. 

Some of the events such as, the 'Chandler-Bogle" case and disappearance of the "Beaumont Children" have occurred within my life-time.

Others such as the "Corpse in the Sand", or the "Gatton Murders" are well before I existed. 

However, there is one story that I can say that I have also personally experienced and that is "The Enigma Nobody Can Explain" --- it is about the "Min-Min" lights. 

These bright, beautiful and eerily luminous lights have startled stockmen and cheekily tailgated cars on many of Australia's outback roads, as well, they have scared the wits out of the Indigineous population for centuries.

I experienced these lights while on a camping trip back in 1973 while crossing the Tanami Desert on my way to the town of Katherine and then again a few nights later, whilst driving from there to Winton in North Queensland. 

The trouble was back then, when I told people about this experience, no-one believed me; some people even said I was making up the story.

It was so nice to read about these lights in this book and to know that others have had the self-same experience. For this I thank the Author.

In a word --- a good read.  Enjoy”

NF John Pinkney “Great Australian Mysteries’

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