Letter to Editor

In reply to Barry Jones’ Letter – Friday August 18.

To the Editor,

Many residents may be aware that the Essential Energy depot has now closed in Grenfell resulting in all personnel now operating from within the Cowra depot. Unfortunately this has resulted in no local employees being regularly on hand to report any faulty street lights.

Recently I spoke to an Essential Energy employee at a local bakery who was buying his lunch and asked him about the faulty Main Street lights, he advised me to phone 132080 or email the company directly.

So a couple of nights later, Di and myself wrote down the numbers from the side of the poles of the faulty lights, a total of 12 in all, and emailed them to Essential Energy,  we also mentioned that a number of the old style lights in the centre of the main street needed cleaning of insects. All but two were repaired and the centre lights were cleaned.

I gathered that it is now up to local residents to report the faulty lights to the local energy company.  I hope this sheds some ‘light’ on the matter.

Alan Griffiths  GRENFELL