Henry Lawson Festival

The Grenfell Henry Lawson Festival of Arts has been held continuously for the past 60 years with great success.

This is a terrific achievement for our town and the small committee of hard working volunteers are to be commended.

Many committee members have used this milestone to step back and pass the responsibility for the festival onto the next generation. 

HELPING HAND: The Henry Lawson Festival committee needs you! Photo supplied.

HELPING HAND: The Henry Lawson Festival committee needs you! Photo supplied.

The year 2018 will be the town’s 61st annual Festival and represents an opportunity for renewal.

This means renewal of the festival committee and renewal of the program.

If you have ever found yourself thinking ‘Why doesn’t the festival have …?’ or ‘How good would it be if …?’ or ‘Why do they keep…?’ then this is the opportunity for which you have been waiting.

Why not consider becoming joint co-ordinators with a small group of friends? Or how about a community organisation take ownership of a particular event?

This is the year to think outside the square and an opportunity to introduce fresh ideas to a new committee regarding the organisation of the town’s annual festival.

On October 17, 2017 the Grenfell Henry Lawson Festival Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held. The meeting will commence at 7.30pm in the Community Hub and all interested members of the community are encouraged to attend.

All positions will be declared vacant and many positions will not be contested by the 2017 co-ordinators.

These include President, Vice President, Art, Verse and Short Story, Street Entertainment, Busking, Awards Reception, Street Stalls and Queens/ Kings.

These popular events will only run in 2018 if these positions are filled and these positions will only be filled if someone like you steps forward to take on the role.

If you want Grenfell to have a Henry Lawson Festival in 2018 it is imperative that you come to the meeting, join the committee and be involved in making the 61st festival exactly what you think it could be.

Position descriptions are available from edo@grenfell.org.au or 6343 2855.