Library Lines

Hey kids do you love to play board games or with Lego? If so then why not join us on Saturday between 10am -11.30am for a morning of games.

And the Book week winners are: Older Readers is One would think the deep by Claire Zorn, Younger Readers is Rockhopping by Trace Bella, Early Childhood is Go home, Cheeky animals! By Johanna Bell, Picture Book of the Year is Home in the rain by Bob Graham, the Eve Pownall Award for Information Books is Amazing animals by Gina Newton and the Crichton Award is The patchwork bike by Van T Rudd. This week there are a number of new DVDs to borrow. Titles include The Founder, Beauty and the Beast, Olympus has fallen, London has fallen, Lion, Minions, Trolls, Gone Girl, How to train your dragon 2, Dinos & discoveries (Thomas & friends) and the Twilight Saga series.

This week’s magazine titles received are Taste, Gardening Australia, Australian Patchwork & Quilting, Better Homes & Gardens and Instyle. New children’s books include I just ate my friend by Heidi McKinnon, Lois looks for Bob at the park and Lois looks for Bob at home by Gerry Turley, Dread cat by Michael Rosen and All I want for Christmas is rain by Cori Brooke.

Our book reviewer for this week is JennyG. JennyG wrote about The Farmer’s daughter by Mary Nichols.

“Depending on the generation the reader belongs to, this book of 380 pages may or may not be a page turner.  For me it is definitely a page turner. The story is fiction, but could be based on any number of stories of similar incidents that happened in England during and after WW2. 

As a child I often admired a beautifully hand-embroidered table-cloth and a pencil sketch of my older sister, both were the work of a German Prisoner-of-War who was billeted to stay with my Parent's and my sister during hostilities from which a friendship grew to remain until the 1970’s. 

This is a nice “comfortable” novel to read.  Not too long, not too short.  No unnecessary long drawn-out descriptions to wade through. Historically correct. In short a good book.”

AF and Talking Books  Mary Nichols “The Farmer’s daughter’