Letter to Editor

to the Editor,

What is the GGM and why are we all being kept in the dark?

The mystery is:


What are the possibilities?

Perhaps we have an invisible alien presence eating up the light bulbs?

Perhaps there are power pirates hijacking the system?

Perhaps there are black witches at work?

Realistically what could be happening and has been happening for some months as the town gets progressively darker at night?

It certainly started before the festival weekend when visitors to town were complaining about the dark streets at night.

It appears to this ratepayer that there are only two possibilities.

1. The local-power supplier is now so understaffed that they are unable to provide people to keep the lighting operating efficiently?

2. The local council {who does know about the problem} is not prepared to make the necessary effort to correct the situation?

Maybe some of our legal brains could give an answer to the following dilemma:

If one of our elderly residents is making their way home after sunset and has a serious accident because of the lack of street lighting, who would be responsible?)

Barry Jones

Melyra Street – 



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