Letter to Editor

To the Editor,

The resignation of Member for Cootamundra, Katrina Hodgkinson, mid-term provides more questions than answers.

Recent debacles including Council amalgamations and water allocations could and should have been avoided if the National party had listened to communities and used some common sense.

They have completely lost the plot.

In opposition the Nationals were well aware of problems with Crown Lands,  Natural Resources Commission and Primary Industries just to name a few.

For Ms Hodgkinson to claim one of her major achievements was the establishment of Local land Services is at best bewildering.

Hello, Local Land Services is dysfunctional.

The person responsible for the fencing of the Burrangong creek at Bimbi has moved on to another position and the mystical project abandoned.

Niall Blair has carried on with the Primary Industries pretence;

Between Primary Industries and Local Land Services they have managed to increase the incidence of footrot and Ovine Brucellosis, when sheep numbers have halved and prices have increased.

Extraordinary result.

The Nationals all know the National Livestock Identification System is nonsense based on fantasy and when in Opposition were going to fix it or at least look into it.

Seems they have only got as far as the full length mirror and mesmerised by what they see.

Paul Toole is no longer Local Government Minister and Troy Grant no longer leader of the Nationals. 

Niall Blair may even lose his job.

There are reports of members of the club of Nationals lining up to be endorsed for the by-election.

As my brave little mate the Oooomanakker bird pointed out it is very hard to get a clean chicken out of a messy nest.  

John Niven