Grenfell Stingers soccer news

It was a blustery Sunday afternoon that Grenfell faced Condo, fearful of the wooden spoon. Because although we had played well and finished high on the ladder, It was a new round and previous points did not matter. It was important to get out there and play like a team, Rather than a sketch show directed by Mr Bean. 

The ref blew the whistle and Condo had the call, We would run into the wind but we had control of the ball. The whistle blew and despite our possession, Condo scored first, set to teach us a lesson. We rallied again and through DJ we scored and started again with it being 1 all. 

Ask any soccer player whose boots they did lace, it’s hard on a heavy field with the wind in your face. Condobolin found an energy we simply couldn’t match, And we went into half time with 2 goals to catch. Condo had the advantage, the score 5 to 3 and no own goal’s scored, Yet by our own Mitch Wheatley. 

Our captain, Ben, whose troops he did rally, as strong wind at our backs, And more goals we could tally if we played our game and kept the ball on the ground, We were confident that more goals would be found. The second half started much like the one just past when DJ from wide a goal he did blast, This spurred Grenfell on and once more we did score, then said to ourselves, ‘why don’t we get more?’ 

Grenfell kicked on so keen for the win, and Condo 3 passes barely could string, They pushed on and nearly found their winner but were shut down by Grenfell’s own Ethan Skinner. Although we played well it wasn’t our best, but we did finish with one goal more than the rest, The final whistle blew and the score was 6 -5 and our final hopes were still well alive. Following the game it was back to the Royal hotel where Michael did his very best to try and raise hell.  Players player was voted and try as he may, the writer struggled to find a rhyme for DJ. For his goals he was voted man of the match and helping the Stingers their opponents to match. Services, at home we will face next week and hopefully not again 5 goals we will leak. 

Promptly at 12 the game will begin, and lets all cheer the Stingers to win. So come down supporters and the stingers adore, parking is free, no charge at the door.