Council’s new online survey

Complete the short online survey today!
Complete the short online survey today!

Weddin Shire Council has recently launched an Agricultural Clustering Survey.

You are encouraged to complete this survey as your input is valued by the Weddin Shire Council.

This survey is voluntary and anonymous and has been developed by Council in response to an agriculture clustering workshop held in Grenfell in May 2017.

The workshop was a key part of the Weddin Shire Council Economic Development Strategic Plan developed in 2016.

Weddin Shire Council is interested in achieving economic gain for local agricultural businesses and for the region through the benefits of collaboration.

Clustering in the agricultural industry presents an opportunity for collaboration.

Agricultural clusters in other parts of Australia that you may have heard of include Birchip Cropping Group, Limestone Coast Red Meat Cluster and the MacKillop Farm Management Group.

This survey aims to identify:

1) agricultural issues and opportunities of economic importance that could benefit from collaboration, and

2) the level of interest in developing an agricultural cluster in the local region.

This survey has been designed for people involved in all aspects of agriculture but in particular those directly involved in primary production, such as farm owners and managers.

It has been designed to take only five minutes of your time. 

You can remain anonymous during this survey if you chose, however if you wish to receive updates on a potential cluster in central NSW, you are welcome to provide contact details.

Data collected will not be distributed to any third parties.

If you have questions please contact Auburn Carr the Economic Development Officer for Weddin Shire Council on 02 6343 2855 or