Grenfell Junior Eels Cricket Club news

The Grenfell Eels held their 2017 AGM last Monday evening with all positions being filled as follows:

President: Raymond Smith

Vice President #1:

Larissa Rolls

Vice President #2:

Glenn Gault

Treasurer: Robert Baldwin

Secretary: Carole Baldwin

Publicity Officer:

Ngaire Soley

Committee Members: Martin Squires, Craig Simpson, Lyndell and Gordon Rolls, Gail Smith and Jo Trevillion.

The club is currently looking at fielding an U12s and an U15s side for the 2017/18 season.

Registration details to be confirmed shortly. The club is looking forward to another great year of cricket and new members will be made most welcome.

The club has a few exciting projects in the pipelines (to be advised), the aim of the Grenfell Junior Eels is for local kids to enjoy the sport of cricket while learning from professional coaches and trainers in a fun, friendly environment.

Join today for a fun season of cricket.

Join today for a fun season of cricket.