Grenfell MPS answering the needs of the community

Community Health Services: 

The Community Health service offers a wide range of services. 

It is located in the former Ken Hunter Lodge building just below the hospital .

There you can access a Child and Family Health Nurse, Dressing and Wound Clinic between 2 and 3pm on weekdays; Womens’ Health Services, Audiometry Clinics Health promotion services, Community Nursing Services; Occupational Therapy Services, Social worker, Weddin Day Therapy, Dietician, Pathology Services, Children’s Dental Clinics, Drug & Alcohol and Mental Health Services.

Exercise classes  -  

Healthy Hearts – Moderate exercise Bowling Club, every Wednesday at 930am: Gym for over 60’s every Monday and Wednesday  - Womens  at 10am and 2pm Monday and 10am and 11am Wednesday.   Please call Community Health to book, class numbers limited: Men’s  at 9am and 11am Monday and 9am and 2pm Wednesday.  

Please call Community Health to book.  Class numbers limited.

To make enquiries or access these services phone 02 6349 1777.


The services offered to the citizens of the Weddin Shire by the above facility are carried out in a professional, caring and sympathetic manner and offer a service to be proud of. 

However, there are at times, for many and varied reasons, a perceived cause for concern, and a desire to lodge a complaint.  

This can be done by contacting, in writing, Pauline Rowston, Health Service Manager, Cowra and Grenfell Health Services, P.O. Box 44, Cowra NSW  2679. 

Your concerns will be acknowledged and outcome communicated to you. 

If you are not satisfied with the outcome you can contact an independent body the Health Care and Complaints Committee.


On behalf of the Weddin Shire community the  Record would like to sincerely thank Mardi for her time in compiling this very informative series:  MPS, answering your needs. To leave your feedback please contact the Record on 02 6343 1178 or via email at

Grenfell Multi-Purpose Health Centre.

Grenfell Multi-Purpose Health Centre.