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The Grenfell MPS.
The Grenfell MPS.

The residential aged care unit number of beds available: The MPHS RACU has a mixture of High and Low Care Beds.  There are 31 High Care beds and 3 Low Care beds comprising of 3 twin rooms which leaves 28 single rooms in total.

The procedure if you are wishing to have a person under your care apply for residency: Eligibility is based on

*Assessment by the Aged Care Assessment Team *Vacancy within the RACU *Individual needs basis *The applicant’s health.

Firstly an application must have a current valid “Aged Care Assessment” by an ACAT assessor. If the applicant does have a current ACAT assessment, he/she will be placed on an Expression of Interest List awaiting assessment. The contact number for My Age Care to arrange your assessment with the ACAT Team is 1800200422 or you may visit the website to arrange an assessment. Following the assessment, the applicant will receive a copy of “My Support Plan” from MY Aged Care. If the applicant wishes to proceed and list his/her name for placement into residential care at the Grenfell MPHS, RACU, telephone and make an appointment with the Nursing Unit Manager (mentioned above) to discuss the process of transition from home to Residential Aged Care. Aged care homes cannot predict or know when a vacancy becomes available, therefore it is important to regularly contact the MPHS RACU so that the Manager is aware the applicant is still wishing to enter the facility. The Grenfell MPHS RACU will contact applicants on the formal waiting list to see how the applicant is progressing and if there has been a decline in the applicant’s health status and if, in need of care. When applying to be placed on the waiting list, a copy of the ‘My support plan’ must be supplied to the Grenfell MPHS RACU.

Process of ensuring a fair and transparent selection for a vacancy at the RACU:

  1. Vacancy exists.
  1. People on the formal waiting list are contacted by phone to gauge if they are still interested in a permanent placement in the RACU at this point of time
  1.  A selection panel consisting of 3 staff members including Nurse Manager, Nursing Unit Manager and a Registered Nurse is selected.
  1. Each interested applicant from the waiting list is assessed and given a numerical score against the entry selection criteria assessment form by each panel member on an individual basis
  1. Once each interested applicant’s scores are collated from each panel member, the applicant with the highest score becomes the eligible applicant and the offer of a bed is made.
  1. You may be asked to make a decision within a certain time frame because there are usually other people also waiting
  1. From the date of accepting a place in a nursing home you may be charged for your care and be eligible to receive financial assistance.
  1. In the case that the eligible applicant declines the offer of the bed, the person with the nearest score may be offered the vacant bed.
  1. Consideration needs to be given due to the location of the vacant bed with a shared bathroom and or double rooms”

Possible Questions used to assess an applicants entry into aged care at Grenfell MPHS RACU:  Does the applicant on the waiting list, have a current valid Aged Care Assessment? Are they a resident of the Weddin Shire? How long have they lived in the Weddin Shire? Is the applicant living alone without support? Does the applicant have any family support in the Grenfell area? Does the applicant have to leave the Weddin Shire to receive care elsewhere? Does the applicant have Dementia? Does the applicant have behaviours of concern?  i.e wandering, verbal aggression , physical aggressions.

Grenfell MPHS – EMERGENCY: The Emergency Dept has one bed. However additional support is offered to our local GP via the Critical Care Advisory Line (CCAS). The service offers a link to an Intensivist Doctor via Video link for all seriously ill patients. The service operates seven days a week, from  [0700 to 2300]. Outside these hours there is assistance from Aero-Medical Retrieval Services, Sydney. Patients who need higher level care are referred to the closest appropriate hospital, generally Cowra or Orange.  

What services are offered by our MPHS: X-ray is available two days per week, Dr Patrick has a minor ‘lumps and bumps’ clinic on a Wednesday morning. An Ambulatory Care clinic operates most mornings during the week and provides intravenous antibiotics and ECG’s ordered by the Doctor e.g: presurgery procedures.

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