Intertown tennis in Grenfell this Sunday

Grant Fisher and Matthew Clarke were in great form to win Round 3 of the Men’s No 2 Division of the 2017 Winter Competition on Tuesday night.

Grant and Matthew who was a fill in for Pat Hazell comfortably won all their sets 6/2, 8/0, 5/3, 5/3, 5/3 to win a total of 29 games. Two pairs finished the night to win 25 games each. They were Charles Harvey and Anthony Wilson who was filling in for Mark Liebich and Danny Joyce and Leigh Taylor. Charles and Anthony levelled 4 all in their first set then won 5/3, 7/1, 6/2 but went down 3/5 to Grant and Matthew in the last set of the night. Danny and Leigh also levelled 4 all in their first set, won the 2nd 5/3, lost the third 3/5, then won 7/1, 6/2.

Two other pairs each won 14 games for the round. They were Stuart McKellar and Arnold Brown and Hugh Moffitt and Rod Freudenstein. Stuart and Arnold’s sets were 5/3, 0/8, 5/3, 2/6, 2/6, while Hugh and Rod’s sets were 2/6, 3/5, 3/5, 1/7, 5/3. Grahame Edwards and John Walmsley played consistent tennis without much luck as four of their sets they lost 3/5 while the other set they went down 1/7 to win a total of 13 games. The men will now play Round 4 next Tuesday, June 27, weather permitting.

This Sunday at the Grenfell Tennis Centre, the next Round of the Inter Town Tennis will be played. Teams taking part are Grenfell, Forbes, West Wyalong and Temora who will battle for the winning points, there should be plenty of keen, competitive tennis during the day. Hopefully the players selected to represent Grenfell will make every effort to be available. Good luck Grenfell.