Mixed competition finalised

Bogolong and Beyond undefeated

The 2017 Mixed Teams Night Tennis Competition was finalised on Wednesday, June 7 and the family affair team, Bogalong and Beyond went through the 12 rounds undefeated, a very good record.

Members of the winning team were David Mitton, Michael Mitton, Sally Mitton, Mandy Taylor and Esma Baker.

Bogalong and Beyond comfortably defeated Coppsies Floppsies in the final round, winning all their sets.

Congratulations to Bogalong and Beyond.

The runners-up in the competition was another family affair, The Eppo’s.

This team consisted of Neil Eppelstun, Matthew Clarke, Alicia White and Chris Eppelstun.

The team played consistent tennis throughout the competition and in the final round defeated The Lone Rangers 39 games to 25.

The other match in the competition was between Rob’s Rascals and Odds and Sods.

Rob’s Rascals were too strong in this match winning all their sets.


The Men’s No 2 played Round 2 of their Winter Night Tennis Competition on Tuesday night and the top players were Charles Harvey and Leigh Taylor winning a total of 26 games.

It was pleasing to see Charles back on the court following and injury during farm work.

Charles and Leigh did not lose a set, however, two of their sets were very close finishing on 4 all.

The other three sets, they won 6/2, 7/1, 5/3. A good effort. Grant Fisher and Rob Taylor were the next best players, winning a total of 23 games.

The results of their sets were 4/4, 6/2, 4/4, 6/2, 3/5. Rob was a fill-in for Mark Liebich.

Next best were Hugh Moffitt and his fill-in for Pat Hazell, Lewis Keogh.

The pair won 20 games after great tussles in three sets which finished at 4 games each.

Hugh and Lewis won the second last set 5/3, but went down in the last 3/5. Stuart McKellar and Rod Freudenstein were just a game behind, winning 19 after having mixed results.

Their sets were 5/3, 2/6, 4/4, 1/7, 7/1.

Matthew Clarke and John Walmsley also had a good night of tennis after having three of their sets finishing on 4 all.

They lost their other two sets, 3/5, 1/7 for a total game count of 16. Graham and Arnold Brown also won 16 games for the round.

Their sets were 3/5, 4/4, 2/6, 2/6, 5/3.

The men had a most enjoyable night’s tennis with many close sets. Altogether there were 6 matches finishing on 4 all.

The men will play Round 3 next Tuesday night, June 20, weather permitting.

The next Inter Town Tennis Competition match is set down for Sunday, June 25 when the four towns taking part, Grenfell, Forbes, West Wyalong and Temora will all meet at the Grenfell Tennis Centre.

Players selected to represent Grenfell should make every effort to be available.


The Grenfell Tennis Club congratulate all involved on a wonderful Henry Lawson Festival weekend, for Grenfell Tennis inquiries including competition dates and structures please contact Danny Joyce on 0428 436 266.