Junior Rugby League reports

Junior League Tag: Last weekend our girls took on Canowindra at home. Our side that took the field was Charli O'Byrne, Jade Douglass, Alanna O'Loughlin, Teleitha O'Byrne, Megan Wilson, Linda Hucker, Emma McAway, Emma Mitchell, Hannah Kohnen, Marley Loader, Charlotte Reid, Taylor Keppie, Sadie and Tully McCahon.  Grenfell kicked off and Canowindra fumbled the catch which resulted in a knock on, this set the tone for the rest of the game. Grenfell black were on point with tagging as well keeping Canowindra from moving forward. It was fantastic to see Charlotte getting some good runs today. Fourteen minutes in and Charlie put first points on the board after an impressive run only for her twin Teleitha to shine minutes later and go over for our second.  A good game was being played by our little ladies Hannah and Marley. Megan completed a huge run to go over just on half time, converting her own try.  Alanna showed impressive catching skills, well done. Half time score was Grenfell 14 to Canowindra 0. Canowindra kicked off to start the second half and Megan went over again with Alanna converting. Charlie then scored again with Taylor converting. With 12 minutes to go Linda took an intercept then did a 30m run to the try line only to drop the ball which was unfortunate. Great tagging by Jade, Sadie and Tully was displayed today.  After a knock-on we got the ball, Charlie made the most of this by going over for her 3rd.  Ashlee McAway certainly showed up for her first game of league tag by making good metres. With five minutes left Charlie scored a full field try bringing her total to four. Full time Grenfell 38  Canowindra 0.

Under 16s: Last Saturday we took on Canowindra at home. The team consisted of Nathan Wilson, Aydan Eyles, Adam Hewen, Ethan Reid, Lachlan Stevens, Saxon Southwell, Kevin Silburn, Tyler Johnstone, Matthew Ryan and playing up were Dylan King, Kyle Mawhinney, Josh Smith, Angus Birch and Jackson Chapman.  Canowindra kicked off and Nate was into it scoring in the first set with Lachie converting. Some sloppy play by both sides saw Grenfell step up when Tyler offloaded to Saxon who passed to Ethan who scored with Lachie converting. Hard hit ups by Canowindra were matched by hard and long runs by our boys. With 15 minutes left Saxon went over for another try with Lachie converting. Some impressive high kicking was done by Matt. Fumbling by both sides was curbed as some quick passing saw Adam go over for his first try. Lachie "Golden Boot" Stevens converted. Angus was getting in amongst it making great metres. With 9 minutes until half time Saxon scored again quickly followed by Aydan scoring a try right on the siren. Thankyou to Dylan for being such a great sport by playing for the opposition team. Half time score Grenfell 36 to Canowindra 0. Both teams came out firing with Lachie putting a drilling tackle on the opposition while Ethan and Jackson were doing hard hit ups. A few knock-ons occurred then our boys got back on track after Canowindra went over for two tries bringing the score to 36-10 with 10 mins till full time. The next 5 minutes saw Saxon go over again and Tyler caught the ball off the kick at the 40 and ran the half field to score with Kyle converting. With 15 seconds left  Aydan jumped on a loose ball and passed it to Nate who scored in the corner. Final score Grenfell 52 Canowindra 10.