Grenfell tennis club news

The Mixed Teams Night Competition will be finalised next Wednesday, June 7 when the last round will be played.

The seven teams participating in the comp decided last week to postpone play on Wednesday due to the State of Origin Rugby League match. The team, Bogalong and Beyond remain undefeated and are in the lead on 24 points. In second place is Rob’s Rascals on 20 points having only been beaten by Bogalong and Beyond. The leading team are David Mitton, Michael Mitton, Sally Mitton and Esma Baker- a real family affair. Rob’s Rascals players are Rob Anderson, Jaykob Gavin, Ali and Breanna Anderson.

The team The Eppo’s are in 3rd place on 18 points. Members are Neil Eppelstun, Matthew Clarke, Alicia White and Chris Eppelstun, another family affair.

Results of the last two rounds are: Bogalong and Beyond 36 games def Rob’s Rascals 28; The Eppo’s 40 games def Rollsies Rabble 24; Coppsies Floppsies 39 def Odds and Sods 25. The Lone Rangers had the bye.

Round 12- Bogalong and Beyond 36 def The Lone Rangers 28; Rob’s Rascals 37 def The Eppo’s 27; Rollsies Rabble 35 def Odds and Sods 29. Coppsies Floppsies had the bye.

Men’s winter competition: Twelve men have entered in the 2017 Winter Night Tennis Competition to commence next Tuesday, June 6 at 7 pm. This competition will see the return of Stuart McKellar and Grant Fisher. Other players taking part are Charles Harvey, Danny Joyce, Grahame Edwards, Hugh Moffitt, John Walmsley, Arnold Brown, Rod Freudenstein, Pat Hazell, Mark Liebich and Lee Taylor. Providing there are no rounds washed out, the Men’s Winter Comp will be finalised on August 22.

Inter Town Tennis: Unfortunately, Grenfell had to forfeit the first round of the competition owing to many players involved with planting their crops and some down with the flu and functions on the same weekend. Round 2 is set down for Sunday, June 25 held at the Grenfell Tennis Complex where the four teams taking part will do battle. Besides Grenfell, the other three teams are Forbes, West Wyalong and Temora. Hopefully, on Sunday, June 25 at Grenfell our local players selected will make every effort to be available.