Resident annoyed with LLS ‘nonsense’

Dear Editor,

NSW Government has released a public consultation paper to review the current and future needs of the Travelling Stock Routes. I have no idea why submissions will be treated any differently to other reviews and community consultation such as Local Land Services. In 2015 I and many others submitted detailed responses to their TSR Draft management Plan. My brave little mate the Ooomanakker bird reminded me of a few years ago when Minister Katrina Hodgkinson, Mick Keogh and Dr John Keniry came to Grenfell and shoveled copious quantities of cow yard confetti into the Bowling Club. The fencing of Burrangong creek at Bimbi is a classic example of the nonsense perpetrated by LLS.  Not content with forcing stock through the village, flooding residents and growing the best crop of Bathurst Burrs in the Weddin Shire they’ve now wasted more money building 2 sets of double gates in this fence. A complete mockery of community consultation. Quite clearly, in my opinion, former and current National Party Ministers are unable to administer Local Land Services.

Combine this with other debacles such as Council amalgamations, greyhound bans, NLIS etc etc the only conclusion I will draw in any future State elections is to put the Nationals last.

John Niven  Bimbi/Young