Under 17s Soccer Success

Our first home game of the season started well with an early goal from Connor Day. Connor, Josh Pargeter and Andrew Knight were very effective in attack with plenty of action occurring near the net. Young’s McAlister Motors made a break, it was Ethan Skinner and Kate Amery blocking their way. Brett Knight was also strong in defence and Shannon Best stood her ground to curtail Young’s scoring attempts. Shannon went into goal in the second half and brilliantly saved a penalty shot, while Aiden Skinner came onto the field and showed his strength in defence.

Andrew Knight scored two more goals, one in the early moments of the second half while Young were getting organised, while Connor netted another and Josh was very unlucky when his cracking shot from outside the box missed by a whisker.  

Ethan Eyles was one of those players stopping the charge. He played an impressive game in the mid-field, skilfully manoeuvring the ball away from Young. Paige Hughes and Marie Knight, the other mid-fielders, kept the team structure intact as they maintained their positions and harried their opponents. The team played with cohesion and with more training sessions they should improve their fitness and ball passing skills to become a force in this year’s competition. Final score, Grenfell Strikers 4; McAlister Motors 2.