Grenfell Stingers Soccer Club report

Last Sunday the mighty Grenfell Stingers took on the Raptors from Parkes.

Could Grenfell win the game by scoring goals for the opposition, would Jarrod win a single game of pool and would Martin finally get his name mentioned this year in the soccer report? 

Martin you better stay tuned to find out.

The game started pretty even with Raptors having the first couple of shots, but with Eddie Galea in goals and playing up from the under 12 girls side he was not going to get beat. 

Our midfield of Micheal the new bad boy of soccer Walker, Deejae Griffiths, Martin Gelea and the new pretty boy of the team Ethan Eyles were starting to control the game.

It wasn’t long before our strikes of Frazer Ryder and Hamish I'm a Star were working there goal keeper. With some good passing and movement we were soon one nil up with a nice finish from Frazer. 

The backs were doing well with Ben and Murray Walker, Jarrod Daffin and Mitch the flash Wheatley shutting down the Raptor’s attacks. 

They didn't look like scoring until someone done the unthinkable. 

Would this day stand the test of time and go down in history as a living  memory we would never forget?

Murray still remembers when he first saw planet of the apes, Mitch still remembers when he tasted his first beer at the age of four, and Ben still remembers when he first heard Nickleback on the radio.

He had to pull over the car because  he was crying like a baby girl and Micheal would never forget this, scoring an own goal, well you better believe thats a paddlin….

With Ash Kuhn, Conner Day and Ethan Skinner providing fresh legs off the bench Grenfell were soon back on the attack and it wasn't long before we were back in front with another strike from Frazer. 

The game was opening up but then the Raptors scored two late goals to end the half.

Somehow Grenfell went into halftime scoring more goals than there opponent, but were somehow losing 3-2.

With one of Ben’s stirring halftime speeches there wasn't a dry eye in the change rooms.

The second half started and Grenfell were soon on the attack testing there Kepper at every chance.

And then the unthinkable happens again, Micheal scored again and in the same spot and in the same net as the first half.

Unbelievable as that  sounds the game was tied at three all. 

With Grenfell on a roll and producing some good soccer Raptors weren't going to play ball.

They scored the next two goals and then when Michael knocked a bloke out in the box they scored the penalty and the game ended 6-3 to Raptors. 

Micheal won players player and also that's a paddlin award. 

Special thanks must go to our major sponsors the Royal Hotel, Mitch's painting, and Livo's fire cracker services, he's guaranteed  to the barbie started.

Next week we travel to Parkes to take on Service FC, so tune in to see if we could win another game.

Was Martin finally seeing someone of the two legged variety?

Did Livo order his fireworks from North Korea? Is John Farnham coming out of retirement again?