Grenfell Stingers report

Sunday, May 7, saw the Stingers travel to Parkes to play Tichborne Tigers.  We had a full side plus 2 subs which is just as well because we knew the work load was going to be big. 

Our objective for the day was to keep the opposition’s goals down to single figures as the previous week the Tigers beat their opponent 28 – 0, now that’s a trumping.

Stinger Deejae Griffiths during a recent match at Lawson Oval.

Stinger Deejae Griffiths during a recent match at Lawson Oval.

The team talk from Mitch the manager went something like this – “Michael you’ll score more goals if you stop fussing over your hair.

  Martin, remember we are playing soccer today, ballet is tomorrow.  Connor, just because your mummy is watching doesn’t mean we’re not going to corrupt you. 

Eddie, keep your mind on this game not the girls playing on the other field.  Ben, you pretend to shear a sheep – that will confuse them. 

Jarrod you pretend to be the sheep and that will confuse them even more. 

The two Ethans can pretend that you’re the dogs that have to round up the sheep. 

Frazer you’re the Road Runner, you run rings around the opposition. 

Deejae you can chuck a tantrum in the middle of the field and the spit the dummy. 

Kye, my advice to you is to start thinking about how you are going to make it good with the in-laws after deciding to play soccer instead of spending quality time with them. 

Murray, you are our only chance. 

With all the chaos and confusion, it’s up to you to quietly get the ball down to the other end and score goals.  It’s the only way you’ll ever get to score a goal.” And lastly Mitch reminded the players “to do as I say, not as I do.”

Did it work?  I hear you ask. 

Did Murray get to score his first goal?  The answer to these two questions is no.  Did any of us score?  No.  Did we keep them to single figures? 

Yes!  Maybe Mitch’s talk did help as the final score was 6-0.  Well done everyone. 

Players Player went to Ben Walker, closely followed by Michael and Jarrod. 

A great all round game.

Last weekend, May 14 we took on the Raptors from Parkes, full report to come, watch this space.

Lastly, members from the Grenfell Stingers Senior Soccer Club would like to thank the Royal Hotel for their generous sponsorship, without our sponsors we would not have a club.