Bringing healthy back

All members of the Grenfell community are invited to a community forum at the Grenfell Bowling Club on Wednesday April 26 from 5-6pm.

The meeting is being held in partnership with the Grenfell Health Council, NSW Health and the Cowra Information and Neighbourhood Centre to discuss the opportunities available to the community as a participant in the 2017 NSW Healthy Towns Challenge.

Grenfell is lucky enough to be one of the five towns in the NSW Healthy Towns Challenge and has been awarded a grant to run a challenge to help the community to work towards becoming more healthy.

To kick off the challenge organisers are asking the community to get together to talk about ways that the community would like to work towards better health together.

A brain storming session that will help Grenfell develop a program that the community would like to be involved with is a perfect way to begin the challenge.

We would love to hear from members of the community from all walks of life, from various age groups, sports clubs, fitness services, social care organisations, schools and youth services, medical professionals, business owners and any locals who would like to contribute to a discussion about how they would like to see the town working towards better health and wellbeing.

The Cowra community has also been awarded the same grant and recently ran the Cowra Bring Healthy Back Challenge which you may have seen on the news or on The Cowra Guardian website.

We have some funding along with some assistance to make a big splash in the Grenfell community and work towards some health goals as a town.

These initiatives need to be created by input from the community so that we can understand the need and what the community would like to become involved in!

Organisers would like to work with any interested community groups to host events and support the challenge and ask that you come along and get involved.

A Facebook page has been set up to start communication within the community, you can find this page if you search for Grenfell Bring Healthy Back.

So what are you waiting for Grenfell?

There has never been a better time to Bring Healthy Back!!

For more information contact the Cowra Information and Neighbourhood Centre on 02 6340 1100 this service outreaches to Grenfell with the office based in Cowra.

So please get involved and help make Grenfell the 2017 winner of the Healthy Towns Challenge! Together we can do this!