Cute animals? on Twitter? Watch the tweets come in

If you aren’t on social media website Twitter you’ve missed out on a very important feud.

Well, fued is too strong a word. It’s more a “zoo boast” or a zoo bragging rights competition.

Zoos across the world have been challenging each other to share their cutest animal photos under #cuteanimaltweetoff, and Taronga has accepted the challenge.

While Taronga Western Plains Zoo doesn’t have its own Twitter account, Sydney’s Taronga Zoo has posted two of its own photos: an echidna puggle and red panda Maiya.

The tweet-off started with an innocent tweet from Smithsonian’s National Zoo in the welcoming their new seal pup. Virginia Aquarium saw the tweet and raised it with an otter and osprey in response. It wasn’t long before the rest of America and then the world, joined in.

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