Norway Quilt hangs grand

The Tromoy Quilt, Gai Lander and Grenfell Quilters Pat Soley, Marion Amery, Marion Knapp, Pat Verney, Naomi Steinhardt and Oriel Draffin.
The Tromoy Quilt, Gai Lander and Grenfell Quilters Pat Soley, Marion Amery, Marion Knapp, Pat Verney, Naomi Steinhardt and Oriel Draffin.

The Tromoy Quilt finally has a history board to explain how it came about.

Petal Davies.

Petal Davies.

In 2007, for the 50th Henry Lawson Festival, the quilt was sent to Grenfell from a quilting group in Norway as part of a cultural exchange program between the Patching With Petal quilting group in Grenfell and the Arendal Norwegian quilting group.

As Grenfell prospers well from the annual Henry Lawson Festival it was thought that this would be a great addition to Henry’s history and Grenfell’s 50th Henry Lawson Festival.

The quilt depicts the area and island of Tromoy, a tiny island off the South Eastern coast of Norway, where Henry Lawson’s father, Niels Hetzberg Larson (better known as Peter Lawson), was born.

The quilt design shows a map of the island of Tromoy on which there are various cloth pictures of local landmarks, buildings relating to the Lawson family and emblems of importance to the people of Tromoy.

The quilt has generated both local and regional interest due the the success of the fabulous cultural exchange project.

It was a major feature of the 50th anniversary of celebrations of the Henry Lawson Festival of Arts.

The Tromoy Quilt was officially acknowledged at a special launch on Tuesday, August 16, at the Grenfell Art Gallery where guests included representatives from the Patching With Petal Grenfell Quilters, Weddin Shire General Manager, Glenn Carroll, Weddin Shire Deputy Mayor, Clr John Niven, who addressed the audience, Councillors Carly Brown and Jan Parlett along with Art Gallery volunteers and members of the community.

Gai Lander, who was instrumental in having the quilt officially recognised, presented a speech in which she thanked the people involved for their contributions to the project including Petal Davies, members of the Patching With Petal Grenfell Quilters, Maurice Simpson, Clr Carly Brown, Clr Jan  Parlett, Weddin Shire Arts and Tourism Officer Claire Myers and Weddin Shire Economical Development Officer, Auburn Carr, for their continuous efforts in finalising the quilt’s display in the Art Gallery, along with the information board and accompanying leaflet that contains a wonderful detailed history of the cultural exchange.

Gai and her husband Steve Lander will be travelling to Norway next month and Gai is especially looking forward to personally meeting the Arendal Norwegian quilting group. 

The Patching With Petal Grenfell Quilters group would like to thank Gai Lander and all those involved for the compilation of the Tromoy Quilt information board and the accompanying leaflet.

It is hoped that the quilt will be displayed for residents and visitors to view and enjoy for many years to come.