Grenfell Multi Purpose Service visits Grenfell Art Gallery on Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Conversations and observations about the current exhibition, ‘Materials’ centred around the use of materials or found objects, recently took place at the Grenfell Art Gallery. On Tuesday the 14th October the gallery hosted two Multi Purpose Service residential aged care visits and also a Grenfell Art Gallery volunteers Artists Floor talk. The MPS visits were facilitated by Gail Weekes, Activities Officer with the Grenfell MPS and Christine McMillan, the exhibiting artist who also presented the floor talk. 

Christine is the Arts OutWest arts health coordinator and she regularly visits the MPS. It is through these visits that the Arts are used to assist in promoting health and wellbeing.

The Grenfell Art Gallery would like to offer special thanks to Christine McMillan and Gail Weekes for coordinating the MPS visits. The two visits showed how objects can be used to stimulate memory, ideas and conversation. Some of the works inspired storytelling and the data projection of moving grass seeds promoted relaxation. The gallery has received glowing feedback about the flow on health benefits generated by the day’s activities. 

Many thanks also go out to the Friends of the Grenfell Library for hosting a special morning and afternoon tea for the visiting MPS residents. 

On the same day the gallery held its volunteer artist’s floor talk which proved to be a great opportunity to discuss the themes and elements of the exhibition. At short notice this event was well attended and pleasingly resulted in two new volunteers for the gallery. 

The talks are a valuable opportunity for our volunteers to gain arts appreciation skills, which in turn assist the volunteer in promoting the Grenfell Art Gallery and the galleries broad range of exhibiting art genres. Gallery volunteer Jenny Hetherington said of the event, “As well as knowing a little of the person behind the innovative and creative treatment of her materials we were able to handle some of her work and gain an understanding of the processes she uses. With this background I felt confident and enthusiastic to talk with some authority to the Gallery visitors.” A volunteer lunch was enjoyed at the conclusion of the floor talk, further ensuring that the day was a successful one for the gallery. 

‘Materials: a Retrospective’ October 8 - November 22