'Materials: A retrospective' - Christine McMillan art exhibition now showing at Grenfell Art Gallery.

A new exhibition ‘Materials’ by Christine McMillan is on show at the Grenfell Art Gallery. 

Xanthorrhoea Tripods by Christine McMillan.

Xanthorrhoea Tripods by Christine McMillan.

The exhibition named ‘Materials: A retrospective’ shows work that is made from collected natural materials. Xanthorrhoea resin (grass tree resin) and leaf bases, echidna spines, carp scales and Stipa seeds (grass seeds) were collected and experimented with to develop works.

Christine presented a slide show of her work and the Kandos Cementa Arts Festival at the Grenfell Arts OutWest Winter Arts Networking night. 

She is also running the Arts OutWest arts and health program at the Grenfell MPS for the residents. 

She visits each month bring a box of interesting objects and art works to experience through the senses.

A post card of an echidna work will be for sale at the Grenfell Gallery with the proceeds going towards running the arts program for residents at the Grenfell MPS.

Topography III by Christine McMillan. 

Topography III by Christine McMillan. 

The Grenfell Art Gallery welcomes this as a very generous gesture by Christine McMillan and we encourage all to visit the gallery, enjoy the exhibit and purchase a postcard.  

Exhibition October 8 - November 22.