Library Lines with Anne Gault

The State Library's travelling exhibition, "Australian Inspirations" outlining the history of the waratah and koala as icons in Australian art and literature has arrived, so come and check it out.

I particularly liked the waratah costume designed for the 1938 State Sesquicentenary pageant while some of the 'Blinky Bill' pictures brought back great childhood memories.

Before they became celebrated Australian icons the koala and waratah left early colonists amazed by their unique appearance.

According to the curator of the exhibition, “The koala was so unique that early colonists found it difficult to draw.

In 1803 Australian artist John Lewin was the first person to draw a koala, from a specimen that was brought from Mount Kembla to Sydney... The earliest known drawing of the waratah dates back to 1794.

It continues to be a source of inspiration for fashion designers, artists and creatives.”

One finds fascinating things as one sorts through cupboards and files, including a complete list of librarians who have managed this library.

Do the following names evoke memories?? Muriel Griffiths  (1947-1952), Mrs Stein (1952-53), Lyn Cook (1953-1985 – no wonder she became an institution!), Diane New (1985-87), Robyn Rowland (5 months in 1987), Sue Orgill (1987-1990), Marilyn Abbott (1990-91), Beth Thomas (1991-96), Marguerite Walmsley (6 months in 1996) and Christine Taylor (1996-2000)

Our Summer Reading Club reviewer for this week is Chloe Amery.  Chloe  wrote about “Five Fall into Adventure” from the Famous Five series by Enid Blyton.

 “I like the Famous Five who are the heroes because they solve mysteries, have exciting adventures and find a lot of secret passages and tunnels.  

“In ‘Five Fall into Adventure’ Uncle Quentin goes to America and comes back with two special note books. He goes to Spain and people break into the house but they don’t find what they want so they kidnap George and Timmy.

“Jo (the ragamuffin girl) helps the others to find George.

“They save George but Jo gets locked up instead. She escapes and locks the bad men in the room.

“They go to the police station, tell them of all the happenings and hand over the key to the room.

“The bad men get put in prison and everyone is happy.”

JF BLY   Enid Blyton    Five Fall into Adventure  London : Hodder, 1998

Waratah pageant costume from the State Library exhibition.

Waratah pageant costume from the State Library exhibition.

Early cover drawing of Blinky Bill dating to c.1940 from the State Library exhibition.

Early cover drawing of Blinky Bill dating to c.1940 from the State Library exhibition.

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