Henry Lawson Festival ‘Verse and Short Story’ winners

Section 1:  VERSE

Class 1:  Traditional Verse, Australian Theme

HC = Highly Commended

1st Prize: “Drought” by Alys Jackson, Coromandel Valley SA

2nd Prize:  “Fairy Martins” by David Waterhouse, Oatley NSW

HC: “Tomorrows” by Leonie Parker, Brassall QLD

HC: “Where She Lies” by Helen Harvey, Coonamble NSW

HC: “Manacled and Shackled” by Tom McIlveen, Port Macquarie NSW

Class 2: Humerous Verse, Australian Theme

1st Prize: “Not Just a River in Egypt” by Jenny Blackford, Wallsend NSW

2nd Prize: “The Day That Mum Cooked Elvis” by Leonie Parker, Brassall QLD

HC: “Sub Zero at the Children’s Hospital” by John Carey,  Chatswood NSW

HC:  “The Bedroom Handicap” by David Campbell, Aireys Inlet VIC

Class 2:  Humerous Verse, Australian Theme

HC: “ A Beer, a Bath, a Woman” by Geoffrey Graham  Eagle Hawk VIC

Class 3:  Free Verse, Any Theme

1st Prize: “St John Ambulance, Apply First Aid” by Helen Thurloe, Avalon NSW                

2nd Prize: “Bushland Regeneration”by Viv (Bipi) Armitage, Cooks Gap NSW

HC: “Wedding Season FNQ” by Helen Thurloe, Avalon, NSW

HC: “Waiting” by Virginia Creer, Paddington NSW

HC: “Crypsis” by Virginia Creer, Paddington NSW

HC: “Nameless” by Ruth McConnell, Chapman ACT

Class 4:  Secondary School

1st Prize: “Mars and Stars” by Darcey White, Roseville College, Lindfield

2nd Prize: “The Door”by George Mitton, THLHS Grenfell NSW

HC: “For Times Like Those” by Sarah Knight, THLHS Grenfell NSW

HC: “I Don’t Want Much” by Brittany Doolan,  Coonabarabran High NSW

Class 5:  Primary School

1st Prize: “Helpless” by Neve Crotty, Ben Venue Public, Armidale NSW

2nd Prize: “Even Dead Animals Need Love” by Nicholas Jorgensen, Parktone Primary VIC

HC: “ Ancient Kingston Tower” by Marcus Lim, Mont Albert  North, VIC                                               

HC: “Our Men?” by Lily Hallawell, Saint Francis Xavier,  Woolgoolga  NSW                                                                              

Commended: “Poverty” by Ellesse Peltonen, Ben Venue Public,  Armidale NSW                                                                         


Judge: DAVID GILBEY        

Both Statuettes have been awarded to Alys Jackson, winner of the Open Section and the Verse Section. Congratulations Alys.

Both Statuettes have been awarded to Alys Jackson, winner of the Open Section and the Verse Section. Congratulations Alys.

Class 1:  Open Short Story, any theme

1st Prize:  "A Single Breath"  By Alys Jackson, Coromandel Valley S.A.

2nd Prize:  "The River" by Kara Goodsell, Byron Bay NSW

HC:  "Ebb Tide" by Rowena Harding-Smith, Annandale NSW

HC:  "In The House of Sorrows" by Carmel Lillis, Yarraville VIC

Class 2:  Secondary School 

1st Prize: "Divine Consumption" by Jacqueline Brown, SCEGGS Darlinghurst NSW

2nd Prize:  "If Only" by Abby Strangward, Frankston High VIC

HC:  "Reprieve" by Elizabeth Hoyle, Parkes NSW

HC:  "Safe Haven" by Connor Day, THLHS Grenfell NSW

HC:  "The Photo Album" by Sarah Knight, THLHS Grenfell NSW

Class 3:  Primary School

1st Prize:  "Letty Smith" by Elsa Ray Lane, Coogee Public  NSW

2nd Prize:  "Larnar" by James Death, Caragabal Public NSW

HC:  "Sunk",by Arabella Smith, Roseville College NSW

HC: "The Night" by Eva Becker-Grahame, Coogee Public NSW

The Statuette is awarded to Alys Jackson, the winner of the Open Section.  She has also won the Statuette for her Verse entry.  This is a first, Alys winning both statuettes. 

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